Learn How to Apply to Host an Intern

How it Works

1. City Vision University provides a full tuition scholarship and/or helps recruit interns for your site.

2. After signing Memorandum of Understanding, Ministry interviews either the 500+ intern applicants we recruit or their own candidates.

3. Intern signs contract with ministry to serve 29-40 hours per week for one year at your ministry (like AmeriCorps or Peace Corps but without government restrictions on faith activities).


To Apply Ministries Must:

  • Be a Christian organization with an existing program.
  • Be willing to provide an internship at your ministry for the student.
  • Be willing to provide accountability and supervision of online study time, and provide the student with access to a computer with broadband access for study time.
  • Ministry must be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit (USA) or registered charity (Canada and United Kingdom) or Christian-run business.


We have placed over 500 full-time interns & 80,000 volunteers.

Four Partnership Benefits for Internship Sites

Need: Full-time interns through a Christian Counterpart to AmeriCorps.
Solution: provides an full-time intern for $4,500/year to 50+ ministries.
Need: Discounted tuition for staff and program participants.
Solution: Organizations receive the Tuition Discount that is only $4,500/year and $450/course for all staff, interns and program participants.
Need: For program participants to get college credit for unaccredited ministry training.
Solution: Organizations with intensive training can participant in our Credit Partnerships to grant credit for your ministry training.
Need: To get paid for providing student coaching.
Solution: Organizations and individuals can participate in our Student Coaching Program  and get paid $2,000 per student per year for any students they recruit and coach.