Oxford Circle CCDA

The Oxford Circle Christian Community Development Association grew out of the vision of Oxford Circle Mennonite Church with the mission of “extending healing and hope in the Oxford Circle community, believing that our purpose of restoring all people to Jesus leads us to minister holistically through the love of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.”

As an organization, we feel called to be God’s hands and feet in our community – living our faith in God and each other and spreading that reconciliation in our community. Concretely, we envision a community center where families are reconciled with each other, through family and marriage counseling; where youth are provided positive after school activities, both academic and recreational; where individuals are taught job skills and trained for small business development; where community members who have conflicts with one another are able to walk through mediation processes; where suburban and urban churches can practice reconciliation by partnering together to use their gifts, working side by side, being ambassadors to a community that so badly needs to hear Christ’s message of reconciliation.